Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sunday Sundayyy!

Currently have far too much time on my hands, hence deciding on offloading it all onto this. First time for everything i suppose.
Today was pretty much non eventful, however im a lot happier now im not as ill i was feeling yesterday. Winner.
Havn't got on very well with mum and dad at all today. Seems like everything im doing is pissing them on. Very difficult not to give up trying, but must persevere. Everything for a reason. Start working back at The Barn Brasserie tomorrow. Shittt. i hated working there so much. Only reason ive gone back is 1) i got the job straight away, 2) i know what im doing, 3) my last job paid in shit, 4) its 5 minutes down the road, 5)... okay actually theres more reasons than i though :/.

Still havn't bought my goldfish. Really need to sort that out. The tanks looking pretty sweet though ;).
New Years Resolution of giving up alcohol is still a hit though, 4 days into it, wheyy!
Grounded though due to apparently going missing for 3 days. Bullshit. i said i would be at Jazz's in Braintree, i was at Chris' in Braintree. But whatever. I have no money anyway.
Fully cannot wait to have money again! Cant wait for the feeling of payday £££! need to buy so many clothes & gig tickets & a fish eye lens!
2009 better beat 2008. Although 2008 was pretty mental. So much shit went down i swear!
Tidied my room today. How exiting. Im going to bed. Working tomorrow & god knows for how long. Need a hair cut. NIGHT. x

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