Thursday, 8 January 2009

je suis exited! :D

i have been waiting for tonight for what seems like forever!
going to the twiat to see Deaf Havana with Jazz and Holly who i havnt seen in aaaages!
Hopefully gonna get some good photos too :D! Havnt got any of Deaf Havana yet, and i better get some of When All Else Fails even though im holding a monumental grudge.

Currently sitting here with hair dye on me roots cuz they were baaaaad!
Really wanting to shave the right side off :| which usually i despise but it doesnt actually look that bad! will stick to clipping it for now i think!

Im getting wound up really easy today by a few people today though, need to calm myself down a bit!

christ knows what im gona wear tonight either :|

im gona bake some baguettes and today my room :')

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