Wednesday, 8 April 2009

story of a tramp...

lately has made me realise who my real friends are

friday night,
went to kingston to see deaf havana,
got horrificly drunk with them and the ghosts on pegasus bridge boysa lot of nakedness and picture taking commenced

saturday woke up in surrey (???)
then went to guildford to see nathhh
then me and nath went to london to see james, jo and ashthen i got back stupidly late cuz of fucking buses

sunday morning got kicked out so went to ellens looking a right mess with a suitcase and two huge bags holding half my life
got drunk with her in her room on vodka and orange

monday went to council to find somewhere to live :')
then went to wickford to see james
had jo, ash, jo hart, josh roff, lolpol, veran, carly, hannah iusefsdifsdf just loads of people over
and most of them were edge and i was drunk
and fell off a skateboard and fucking my shoulder up
ended up watching people get tattooed and watching wrestling all night rupert getting 'essex 4 life' tattooed on his pubes was definately one of the highlights of 2009!!!
stayed there
yesterday ended up in chelsmford
went to barhouse
saw the morning afterDIDNT DRINK
however ended up in tiptee...

today im in colchester with ellen rory ben and sadie going to the twist soon to take pictures of the debut then staying at hollys(L)
for a homeless person im doing okay :')
im gona start blooging
story of a tramp...