Wednesday, 8 April 2009

story of a tramp...

lately has made me realise who my real friends are

friday night,
went to kingston to see deaf havana,
got horrificly drunk with them and the ghosts on pegasus bridge boysa lot of nakedness and picture taking commenced

saturday woke up in surrey (???)
then went to guildford to see nathhh
then me and nath went to london to see james, jo and ashthen i got back stupidly late cuz of fucking buses

sunday morning got kicked out so went to ellens looking a right mess with a suitcase and two huge bags holding half my life
got drunk with her in her room on vodka and orange

monday went to council to find somewhere to live :')
then went to wickford to see james
had jo, ash, jo hart, josh roff, lolpol, veran, carly, hannah iusefsdifsdf just loads of people over
and most of them were edge and i was drunk
and fell off a skateboard and fucking my shoulder up
ended up watching people get tattooed and watching wrestling all night rupert getting 'essex 4 life' tattooed on his pubes was definately one of the highlights of 2009!!!
stayed there
yesterday ended up in chelsmford
went to barhouse
saw the morning afterDIDNT DRINK
however ended up in tiptee...

today im in colchester with ellen rory ben and sadie going to the twist soon to take pictures of the debut then staying at hollys(L)
for a homeless person im doing okay :')
im gona start blooging
story of a tramp...

Sunday, 11 January 2009


is everything so boring lately.
nothing seems to be changing
it's all very very routine
wake up
try and tidy up
get dressed at some point
argue a bit with parents

i need a job so bad now its actually getting ridiculous
but i need to pass my driving test and i havnt even done my theory which u need to pay for and ive lost my provisional

want to go to london this week
want to meet john and ellie
want to see holly
want to take pictures at the DissolvedIn gig tomorrow night
want to go to town tomorrow
want a boyfriend.

i want doesnt get.

i am SO bored with everything
i've needed a wee for ages
that'll do.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

je suis exited! :D

i have been waiting for tonight for what seems like forever!
going to the twiat to see Deaf Havana with Jazz and Holly who i havnt seen in aaaages!
Hopefully gonna get some good photos too :D! Havnt got any of Deaf Havana yet, and i better get some of When All Else Fails even though im holding a monumental grudge.

Currently sitting here with hair dye on me roots cuz they were baaaaad!
Really wanting to shave the right side off :| which usually i despise but it doesnt actually look that bad! will stick to clipping it for now i think!

Im getting wound up really easy today by a few people today though, need to calm myself down a bit!

christ knows what im gona wear tonight either :|

im gona bake some baguettes and today my room :')

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sunday Sundayyy!

Currently have far too much time on my hands, hence deciding on offloading it all onto this. First time for everything i suppose.
Today was pretty much non eventful, however im a lot happier now im not as ill i was feeling yesterday. Winner.
Havn't got on very well with mum and dad at all today. Seems like everything im doing is pissing them on. Very difficult not to give up trying, but must persevere. Everything for a reason. Start working back at The Barn Brasserie tomorrow. Shittt. i hated working there so much. Only reason ive gone back is 1) i got the job straight away, 2) i know what im doing, 3) my last job paid in shit, 4) its 5 minutes down the road, 5)... okay actually theres more reasons than i though :/.

Still havn't bought my goldfish. Really need to sort that out. The tanks looking pretty sweet though ;).
New Years Resolution of giving up alcohol is still a hit though, 4 days into it, wheyy!
Grounded though due to apparently going missing for 3 days. Bullshit. i said i would be at Jazz's in Braintree, i was at Chris' in Braintree. But whatever. I have no money anyway.
Fully cannot wait to have money again! Cant wait for the feeling of payday £££! need to buy so many clothes & gig tickets & a fish eye lens!
2009 better beat 2008. Although 2008 was pretty mental. So much shit went down i swear!
Tidied my room today. How exiting. Im going to bed. Working tomorrow & god knows for how long. Need a hair cut. NIGHT. x

Me Me Me ;)

I'm Georgia, i'm 17, single, and a born and bred essex girl ;)

i never really sat down and thought about all the things that i've done, and the different people i've met, and how lucky i am to have had some of the experiences that i have.

I've travelled all over the world, been to Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, America, Malaysia, Mauritiues, Portugal, The Maldives, Spain and Israel.

I've scuba dived with all sorts of tropical fish, turtles, sharks, manta rays and dolphins.

I've seen and met some of my favourite bands, and managed to sneak on the guestlist a fair few times ;)

Then theres been the things ive done that most people wouldnt even dream of doing.
woken up in a bath, on a doorstep, in a car, in a field and on a kitchen floor.

organised campouts where everyones got laid, made up a song, got naked, or just couldnt remember.

Had You Me At 6 play at my 16th birthday party, and had the sound guy at a We Are The Ocean gig say 'Happy Birthday Georgia Glamour Get Yr Tits Out!'

Had my boobs on TV, and been on Radio One.

Slept with people i loved, slept with people i hate, slept with people who i dont really remember, and those who i'd rather forget.

I've also made my fair share of mistakes.

Got drunk and threw myself out a window, in front of a car, and then cut my arm up drunkenly with a cake knife.

invited too many people to my birthday bash 2008 so that 200 people turned up and it got shut down before 11pm

spent all night in London cuz we didnt wanna get the last train home, and ended up getting woken up by a tramp asking for 35p!

I've kissed boys, girls, men...and someones little brother ;)

ive laughed, cried, shouted and moaned.

I've got so drunk i've been sick at 3:45pm, and eaten raw pizza before passing out in a garden.

I've been so high i cried cu i couldnt find stars, stripped off and sang happy birthday to a total stranger, and woke up hugging a rabbit.

I've partied til i've literally passed out, sung at gigs til my voice has gone, and laughed til i've been sick.

I've broke up, made up, ended it and started it again.

I've left home, stolen to survive, dropped out of college, and gone back home.

I've snuck out, and lived on my best mates sofa.

I've spent god knows how long in Tescos at night, and had picnics on lounge floors.

People have made me laugh til my sides hurt, cry til my eyes stung and get me so worried i've been sick.

Ive lied, i've cheated, and i've paid the price for it.

I've made new friends and become closer to the ones i really love. They've given me the most amazing memories.

and then this year i ended up in rehab for 4 and a half weeks.

But if you ask me how im feeling today?